About Me

My name is Sara Elizabeth Aycoth and here recently picked up the nickname "Lizabeth". I am born and raised near Charlotte, North Carolina and some may say I have a country accent. I have a sassy 8-year-old, who has changed my life in more ways than I can count. And I have been with my babe for almost a decade now and love how we continue to change as we get older.

I work and go to school full-time and months away from graduating with my bachelor in Criminal Justice! I wonder how many of you are wondering what traveling and criminal justice have to do with each other and I hear to say...nothing! I just love traveling and the criminal justice system!

I am extremely excited you decided to click on my blog and learn what tips and tricks I have to offer to you when it comes to traveling. So WELCOME officially! I was shown a way to travel and once I started telling people how much I spent on the airline tickets, I was immediately asked how I'm doing it. After being asked for years on my ways of madness, I decided to share with everyone my tips and tricks!

Now, before I begin anything, I want to say there is no one way I find these deals and creating this blog to show all the ways I achieve my madness. A lot of my time and energy is spent on watching airline flights like people watch the stock market minus having a closing time.

If you are looking for someone to find your travel deal, find the "consultation" button located on the home page in my bio if wanting to speak with me on your next destination.

My love for traveling has been with me since I was a little kid and as I got older, I imagined myself living out of North Carolina by the time I was 30 years old. I had plans of moving to Florida and starting a new life with no friends or family to surround me and finding a new way of living. I am now months away from turning 30 and boy have my plans changed! I am now wanting to settle somewhere in NC and continue to travel the world. Since having Leylah Bug, I want there to be a stable home for her, but open her eyes to the world and see how others live.

How my love and a true passion for what I do today began was when I worked with someone who loved traveling and not spending an arm and leg on airline tickets. He use to tell me stories of how he would fly to new places around the world and how cheap he found the airline tickets. He was that one person who seemed to be somewhere new every weekend and living on cloud 9 every Monday. This is when my passion started to really kick in because how could someone travel across the world and only spend $300 or less on the airline tickets. And just see so many places in a short period of time! It seemed impossible to me, but thankfully he continued to travel the world and share his tips and tricks with me.

He first introduced me to Skyscanner and at the time, I was not impressed with what I found when looking at flights. Long story short, I wasn't able to find the deals he was finding and yet he was still traveling the world. However, I refused to give up and was determined to travel like him.

This is when I decided to start local and see what I could find. Now local for me, was staying within the United States and staying on the east coast. I started by looking at flights to Florida since it was such a short distance from North Carolina and remember him telling me about Allegiant Airlines. Once I started looking around on the site, I knew my journey was just beginning!

I knew I needed to set a goal date or else I would only dream of these places and would never actually go. So. I decided to travel somewhere in Florida for my birthday in October 2016 and one of my friends was willing to take this journey with me. I was in charge of finding our airline tickets and she was in charge of finding a hotel room. We didn't have set dates or a specific time we wanted to fly out, so I just started looking at the different deals for that month.

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When I found what I thought was a deal, I screenshot some flights with prices and sent them over to her to gain her reaction to the prices I found. I also sent them to my travel friend who was teaching me his ways to see what he thought of the deals.

Let's just say his first reaction was an average answer sounding like "Yeah, that's good," I was looking for a response of "Holy cow, let me go look at those tickets." So when I didn't get the reaction I wanted, I knew it was back to the drawing board for that perfect deal.

Now, let me break down the tickets I found over a course of 2 months that I was presenting to my friend who was a travel Jedi to me...

  • Option 1: Fly from Myrtle Beach, SC directly to Fort Lauderdale from a Friday to Monday = $263

  • Option 2: Concord, NC directly to Miami from a Friday to Monday = $196

  • Option 3: Concord, NC directly to Fort Lauderdale from a Friday to Monday = $179

Getting cheaper :)

  • Option 4: Atlanta, GA directly to Miami from a Friday to Monday = $ 105

  • Option 5/Bought these: Concord, NC directly to Fort Lauderdale from a Saturday to Wednesday = $112

(To this day, I still have those screenshots!)

(Photo to the left: South Beach, Miami Florida)

(Photo to the right: Some of the delicious Cuban food we had while in Little Havana)

I can see why my friend gave me the reaction he did when going to him with prices of $179. If you were to ask me how much I could find these tickets, for now, I would ballpark around $70 to $80. This was the trip that made my mind up on wanting to travel more and seeking to understand how I could find better travel deals. This trip will always be the trip that started it all!

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from purchasing from these affiliate links.

So there you have it folks, my little introduction about me with a background of how it all started! Not only will I cover traveling and everything that comes with it, but it will cover an important topic when wanting to travel, SAVING! Learning new ways to save can help you down the road when you find that travel deal and decide to cash in some rewards!