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Dear Travel Diary III

Dear Travel Diary (part 3),

Can I just say that the feeling I have right now is like I left an interview and now have to wait the awful days to hear back on if I got the job or not. This waiting game sucks! But 11 days until I step foot in Aruba!

Throughout this week, I almost felt bad at times for thinking about this trip as much as I did, but those thoughts were quickly followed by the following...

Sara, you deserve this! You are almost 30 and you have always said that your 30's is your prime. Look at how much you have accomplished in life and take a second to recognize your work. You have a beautiful, healthy, child who acts just like you in every way possible and truly is your mini-me. You have someone in your life who is overly obsessed with you and loves all your weird, corky moments and allows you to be you, Lizabeth, and all. You graduated from college this year and got a new job at the same time which will only go to help you with achieving your corporate goals. (I have 2 goal paths in life: corporate and personal. More of this in my My Bio blog.) Continue to set the bar high and keep pushing yourself to achieve all your goals and don't forget to reward yourself. It's okay to give yourself some breaks and not be on the go 24/7. You got this girl!



This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links. 

I started the Dear Travel Diary series with hopes of helping someone who is getting close to preparing for a trip or for someone who absolutely hates the thought of preparing. It's not always fun and games, but the rewards from taking the time to do a little search pay off more than you may know. In part II, I shared how I find the activities in or around the destination which create my itinerary. (Not packing a full itinerary is okay and allows you to relax.) A key piece in making this itinerary is knowing how you will get around and figuring out transportation before you arrive. Eliminate as many one-offs that could happen and enjoy every second of your vacation.

To see last week's blog, follow me to Dear Travel Diary part 2 to read all about it.

As an Airbnb Associate, I earn when you book through this link.

Ready?! Let's go!!

7. The question to ask yourself now is what am I going to wear?! Now, this step may not be something I need to call out, but I want to share how I go about finding what to wear and making sure I don't break the bank when getting my outfits together.

The first thing I do before starting my search for what to wear is to create a budget for how much I want to spend on clothes. Traveling on a budget means knowing what that budget is and depending on the destination and how much time I have to prepare will determine how much I want to spend. (For Aruba, I had a goal of $150 with a maximum of $200. Keep reading to see if stayed within my budget or went over it.) Once I know the budget, let the search begin!

In last week's blog, I shared that I use Pinterest as a resource for finding everything I possibly can about the upcoming destination which includes what to wear. Seriously, Pinterest is a lifesaver for me and gives me all my ideas on what I want to wear. No lie, I scroll through and see what others have done as well as locals to get a feel for the place. Then once I see an outfit or style I like, I get to work!

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links. 

If you didn't know, Amazon is my go-to for finding clothes! I have never been a fan of clothes shopping in stores and find the online way to be so much more convenient. Plus I get the item in 2-3 days and can return any items for free. (A huge reason why That Travel Deal's shop is through Amazon.)

When I get an idea in mind for an outfit, I search through Amazon and will put items in my cart for the time being. I don't always buy what I put in my cart either. By putting the items in my cart, I can remember what idea I had at the time and if not happy with that item, look for similar clothing items that will be visible towards the bottom of the product Amazon page.

Another reason I like leaving the items in my cart is that it helps me gauge where I am at in my budget. Every time I find an item I like, I will search for the same item at a cheaper price. You would be surprised at how much of a price difference you can find! (Please check the reviews people. Just because it's a good price, does not mean it will be what you want.) Once I am happy with what I have picked out, I start to purchase the items and spread it out over a course of weeks/months if I need to.

Well, if you are still wondering if I stayed within my budget for Aruba, look no further. Yes, I did stay within my range!! I spent $170.48 and have about 6 to 7 different outfits. (And when I say outfits, I really mean a bathing suit with some cute cover-up options.)

**I will post pictures throughout of trip on my IG @lizabeths_journey. A few items may come to That Travel Deal's shop, so keep an eye out.

One major thing I want to call out is to know what you will need to wear for any activities you are going to do. For Aruba. I need a one-piece bathing suit for when I go bob snorkeling to avoid anything from anciently flopping out. If you are doing any water activities I would recommend purchasing a pair of water socks. Below are the socks I purchased which can also be found on That Travel Deal's shop. They are super lightweight, comfortable, and dry super fast. If going on the ATV's I would need goggles and a full face mask since part of Aruba is a desert and hear it can be rough crossing them on ATV's.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links. 

8. The next step is something I am going to work on this week, so not too much to share on this one. I will search all over the Internet for some good places to get delicious seafood and local spots. I use sites like Yelp, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and a few more.

And there you have it, folks, more items I check off my to-do list when preparing for a trip. I cannot wait to share all the outfits I bought for my upcoming trip! I hope it helps you with planning your next trip and feeling more at ease when arriving knowing everything is lined up. Don't get stressed out on small things that could have been handled before leaving!

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