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Hands Down the Best Hotel in Amsterdam

Before booking our stay in Amsterdam, we were looking for something modern that shows how Amsterdam is so different from what we kept hearing from everyone. Looking through the Hotels.com app I came across a few different hotels which pleased our likings, but something about this one hotel we found just stood out to us!

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If looking for something modern like we were, then look no further. CitizenM Amsterdam South Hotel offers such a unique experience from the time you walk in for check-in until the time you are checking out. Upon walking past the big red elevator doors that greet you from the outside, you are presented with a display of a big red balloon dog which just lets you know the kind of hotel you are in. To the left, you walk up to the self-check-in area located in the lobby where 2 gnomes welcome you with their middle fingers! Such a twist to art!

As you are checking yourself in, you set up your own room key and pick what kind of view you would like and if you prefer to stay on the lower floors or higher. I picked a higher-level floor with views of their garden area. As you are checking in, a hotel staff member is present to answer any of your questions or concerns. We learned from our friendly staff member we could purchase our unlimited 48-hour transportation pass from the restaurant/bar which was located to the right of the check-in area in the front lobby. We knew we needed these passes to explore all Amsterdam has to offer but needed to drop our bags off and freshen up from a long drive from Paris.

Walking into your room is like walking into a room you imagined you would have in a Star Wars movie or so I think. Taken to another level! The first thing that stands out is the layout of the room because the shower and toilet area have privacy doors like many hotels, BUTTT they are round. When standing in the shower or sitting on the toilet, you can close the doors around you which leave you in around “room”. Such a different way to have a room layout with little space but take advantage of what space is available. The room was equipped with United States outlets as well as USB ports to provide multiple ways of charging your electronics and covering that “the only thing I forgot was the electronic converted.” ANDDD you control the entire room with an iPad. That iPad literally controlled the mood-setting in the rooms, the curtains, the lights for the shower and toilet area and worked as the TV remote. Can we just say jaw-dropping experiencing simply walking into our rooms! Plus, they had a gigantic king size bed which had you sink in it the moment you found that perfect spot to sleep in.

After we got freshened up, we went to the bar area to purchase our transportation passes and were given suggestions on places we should visit. We were told that central Amsterdam caters to everyone’s liking and has something for everyone! Or to walk the streets and pop our heads into the local stores or follow the scent to a bakery offering nothing but the freshest sweet treats. The staff gave us the kind of service you hear others brag about and they truly know how to make their guest feel welcomed and right at home.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Local tips were given to us like that Saturday we could visit Centre Amsterdam to pick fresh tulips. Imagine Chick-Fil-A having there own hotel and the type of service you would receive during your stay, that was everything and more we received from CitizenM Amsterdam South Hotel.