How Expensive was my Stay in Paris?

My time in Paris is one I will never forget for it became the trip that made me go many first new adventures and let me be a kid all over again. I felt like it was Christmas morning as a 7-year-old little girl and hoping Santa brought me an American Girl Doll to wake up at 5:30 am to discover I got one. That overall feeling was me while exploring Paris and Amsterdam and trying many new things and not spending thousands of dollars.

I am a firm believer you can see the world and not spend an abundance amount of money and still experience all you can! I have decided that this blog is absolutely necessary when wanting to prove that finding the perfect travel deal can be worth wild! I have covered how much I saved using my different methods and show every penny truly counts when wanting to see the world on a dime.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Airline Ticket

· $259 Round trip airline (Atlanta to Paris with a layover in Philadelphia)

I found these tickets while working a Saturday shift and scrolling through Travel Pirates. What caught my eye was the deal saying CHARLOTTE which is a rare find because the Atlanta airport is more popular on that app. I immediately started looking at the dates and comparing them with the prices and at first, was finding deals around $270 range for the months in the fall time. One thing to know when looking at deals is to always play with the dates to see how low the deal can go. Don't always jump on the first deal without seeing what else is being offered.

When I changed the dates to the wintertime, I did see a drop in the prices. Then, I finally found THAT TRAVEL DEAL! I found tickets for $259 round trip to leave on January 14th and return January 21st. Of course, I immediately showed my travel friend and then you know the rest. I have been back from that adventure for less than a week now and let's just say my addiction to traveling has amplified.

First 2 nights in Paris

· $228.92 Hotel Eiffel Segur-2 nights

(Only spent $84.86 out of pocket. I had $104.68 saved with Ibotta and $39.38 saved through Upside which I was able to transfer the funds to my PayPal account.)

Next 2 nights in Amsterdam

· $203.71 CitizenM Hotel Amsterdam South- 2 nights

(Only spent $178.71 out of pocket because I had a $25 coupon which I earned at work. For your next birthday or holiday when people ask what do you want, respond with " gift card!")

Last 2 nights in Paris

· $323.37 Airbnb

(Only spent $162 as we split the entire place with another couple who we were traveling with Sharing an entire Airbnb that offers multiples bedrooms is a way to cut the cost down when traveling especially if you have friends or family willing to travel with you.)

Total for trip: $1,015

Out of pocket expenses: $684.57

Saved: $330.43

I was able to save over $300 on this trip and Paris is known for being expensive! By using Ibotta, GetUpSide and a gift card, I was able to spend less than what others spend on a local trip to the beach or mountains. This is that deal that made me proud of my work! It seems every time I find a deal, I am being able to outdo myself which only shows me how much I have grown over the years when finding travel deals and proves there is a better way to travel than what most people are doing.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Now, other expenses came up like renting a car because of the yellow jacket protest that was going on. Public transportation was being shut down sporadically which impacted the trains, subways, and metros in Paris. We didn’t want to be stuck in Paris and not able to make it to Amsterdam because we already purchased the non-refundable hotel room. The food was somewhat expensive, shopping was expensive (stayed in a tourist area), gas seemed expensive too!

So that extra $330.43 we saved came in handy for those unseen expensive and thankful we had that play money for this trip. My ways may not be an overnight pleasing method, however each time I have booked a trip, I take it to a new level. My advice to anyone reading this is to try it my way for 6 months and just see what happens. You will need patience throughout the 6 months, but the needing reward is so worth your time and energy!

And like always, if you want me to find that travel deal for you, just send me a message through the Disney consultation located on the home page.

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Hello Everyone, my name is Sara Elizabeth and a full-time working mom and a full-time student!

Over the years I have fallen in love with  traveling and exploring the great states of the United States! This passion grew from understanding how to find good deals on airline flights which have been the reason for many of my travel adventures. This journey has led me to find "that travel deal" for domestic and international flights. These are those kinds of deals that have people asking "How did you find them so low?" ...Well, to those asking that question, follow along this adventure of mine to learn my methods for finding that perfect travel deal. 

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