Just Do It!

When wanting to travel and seeing all the world has to offer, one thing I have to continue to work on is JUST DOING IT! Seriously! No more excuses holding yourself back and thinking the deal will stay for a few days or that Disney is not worth the money. Wrong wrong wrong! Don't be a Carl from the Disney movie Up who holds himself back after his soulmate passed away. Is this even living?

Instead, be a Walle who never lost focus on what needed to be done and kept fighting for another day while enjoying the small things in life.

This is something I tell myself when I find THAT TRAVEL DEAL and to fight those inner feelings of mine. Do you know how many deals I have lost out on because of thinking I could find it cheaper or that the offer will stay for a few days? Wrong, wrong wrong.

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Traveling is not a core essential to living, although if someone told me I could no longer travel, I would have that empty feeling in my stomach and wake up the next day thinking I was going to a funeral.

So for some making time to travel comes down to JUST DOING IT! Seriously, what do you have to lose?

I have seen tickets to Barbados from Charlotte for less than $150 and knew I should on jumped on them the moment I saw them, BUTTT instead I held myself back and thought I had time to decide if I really wanted to go. And still, to this day, I have not found those tickets again for a price anywhere near it. Once I have found a deal even if it is an absolute rare find, I refuse to pay more than that price even if that means not going for a while.

This is where having multiple ways of earning money with everyday odds like groceries or purchasing gas can make the difference when preparing for the trip. I am still learning new methods of saving because I want to save in every way I can which all have purposes. If you have read my Ibotta post, you know this last Ibotta save was for my hotel rooms in Paris which helped me only come out of pocket $70. And let me mention, this hotel is 22 minutes away from the Eiffel Tower...WALKING!

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Another method I recently started is saving all my $5.00 bills and having this for when in transit to the airport, at the airport or waiting for the hotel/Airbnb to be ready. This alone can rack up a bill and don't want to take away from the "souvenir" money or eating out. So every penny truly does count! If you have every angle planned beforehand and saving before your trip is actually picked, then there no excuses at that point. Save every day no matter what.

Take it from me, finding THAT TRAVEL DEAL and letting it pass bye is regretful when it slips bye and that is the ONE you want, trust me, just purchase the tickets. I found tickets recently from Charlotte to Las Vegas for the EXACT dates I needed and only cost $98.00 for a round trip direct flight and what did I do?


Thought the deal would stay for 24 hours and boy was I wrong! They jumped up to over $300 the very next morning...I was not a happy camper as you could imagine. Fingers crossed I find the same deal again because these tickets I have to have for April 2020 and not wanting to spend over $100 for these tickets. Just goes to show to purchase the tickets when you find them. Learn from my mistakes!

I hope this is the extra push you need to click that "Buy Now" button!

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