Let's talk about my coins...

I saw an Instagram meme this week where Kermit the Frog was sitting on a bed and had a few coins in front of him with a look of shock on his face. The caption that went with this picture was "Travel as much as you can" which got me thinking after I re-shared to my Instagram story...

How many of you throw your change in the bottom of your purse or on the dresser and forget it's there for weeks or months? Or worse...you put the change somewhere and never think about it again?

Well, let me tell you that this use to be me. I never thought twice about change and would put those nickels and dimes wherever I was standing when I pulled them from the bottom of my purse.

BUTTT I am here to tell you, that the change you received from that Walmart purchase you just made today can come in handy when wanting to travel or take a family vacation. It's the same changes that can create an unforgettable moment in our lives.

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About three years ago, I all of a sudden realized I was throwing money away. Literally throwing it away and thinking it was no big deal. Nothing made me realize this and truly was a moment in my life where I saw things from a different perspective.

Now, I am sure someone reading this post is like "Sara, that is absolutely stupid, how could anyone do this!" I get it and have changed my ways, I promise! I see your point 100% NOW and that my actions of just throwing away money were ridiculous! BUTTT let me say, I know plenty of people who view their change or coins the same way as I use too. If that is you, PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST! I had to finally say one day to stop throwing money away even though I couldn't imagine how all those pennies I had would equal anything of importance.

Before I jump into it, please know this will not be overnight $500 savings and this one does require time. Lots of time to be honest, but the reward can be worth it!

When I decided to make a change in my ways and decided to start saving all of my change, I needed a method of which I could collect the change and easily transport around until I got home or had enough coins that it weighed down my purse. The reason for this is because I know me and needed something that worked for me to avoid that bad habit of placing the change wherever and never thinking of it again. This is when I started using the front zipper pocket of my purse to save the change I received. (I currently have a cross-body bag from Thirty-One which has 3 total pockets. One middle pocket that is made for carrying larger items like my wallet and then a pocket in the front and back which are made for quickly dropping items into the purse like chapstick or change!) I could easily zip it open and close to ensure no change spilled everywhere causing an embarrassing scene at the store. Now, for some people, this will not work because of the purse you have or you simply don't like this method. Perfectly, okay...just find something that does work for you. Like a coin purse.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

After a few weeks of collecting my change in the front pocket of my purse, my purse started to weigh me down, so I knew it was time to put my change somewhere I could easily collect the money and not deal with dropping each coin one by one in a jar. Something convenient that didn't take hours of my day. This is when I invested in a savings jar which was actually a mason jar someone turned into a piggy bank and wrapped a world travel sticker on it. Nice motivation! The nice thing about mason jars is that I can screw the lid off and dump all my change from my purse into this jar. Then screw the lid back on and go about my way. Takes less than two minutes! And since the jar is see-through glass, I see the coins add up pretty quickly after each dropping.

Once the jar got full, this is when I knew I had to move the coins into something bigger or divide the coins up and place them in separate jars. The reason for that idea was I knew I had to roll the change in order to take it to the bank. Again, knowing me, I wanted this process to be easy and not result in hours of splitting the changeup and rolling it. Since my mason jar is a smaller size, splitting the changeup and placing it in separate containers took no time. I continued this until my main jar was empty and all the separate jars were neatly organized.

Now about this time, we had a family vacation we were going on and this came in handy at the right time! (If you asked me how many months had passed since I started this method, I couldn't tell you. This one of those things I didn't write down because I didn't know one day I would be writing about it. Silly me!)

Now that I had separated all the quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies out, I need to get the rolls that change goes in when wanting to turn into the bank for some green cash. So, one day after work, I stopped by Dollar General and picked up the pre-rolls to start rolling my coins. The key thing here is to purchase the rolls that have an end already sealed, so all you do is place the coins in the container and close the one open end. This saves from the change coming out the other end and having it spill everywhere which all resulted in rolling the change in roughly 20 minutes.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Once completed the total collected was $132! Y'all $132 can come in handy for any vacation!!! This can be an extra family activity you didn't have planned and turn it into a surprise for the family or let this be dinner one night.

The change I collected came in handy when we went on our family trip to Holden Beach, North Carolina. We decided the money collected was to be spent at Southport, North Carolina where I had visited a few times as a child. I wanted to have my daughter experience that small-town feeling with eating local hotdogs from the Trolly Shop while swinging near the water and watching the boats go by. Or take a small walk down the road to the local ice cream shop that is one of those places that is half inside and half outside. And no small town wouldn't be complete without a Christmas store that is opened almost year-round. Literally, the house is decked out in Christmas decor and every corner has a different them. Must visit The Christmas House if you ever visit this small town! (South Port is also known for the city where some famous movies were filmed like I Know What You Did Last Summer, A Walk to Remember and my all-time favorite movie, Safe Haven!) A day like this only costs $20 to $30 dollars and creates memories that will last forever. Now, you have money to spend somewhere else or put into a savings account for the next trip.

Many believe coins never have much worth, but I am personally saying that saving every coin can make memories that don't cost an arm or leg. What memory do you want to make next?

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.