Seriously, You Already Purchase This!

What is one thing everyone has to have?!? FOOD!!!

How many of you spend hours every month in the grocery store to make sure you and your family are taken care of? Well, let me change how you view grocery shopping and traveling...

Being able to save on everyday items is a big thing in my family especially when it comes to purchasing certain brands for specific reasons. Like I have to have Tide for my skin or else I have an awful allergic reaction which has landed me in the hospital, no thank you. And Tide can be quite expensive, however, I now earn money back on everyday items like Tide.


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Ibotta is an app I use to earn money back on purchases I have to buy either for myself or my family. Think of a traditional coupon that you present to the cashier who scans the bar code and you see the .50 cents come off the price of that item reducing the total of the bill. BUTTT Ibotta works the complete opposite with giving you the money back vs. it being reduced off your total bill.

So, remember back to me using Tide and how expensive it can be, well just this weekend I got $3.00 back on my Tide Podz purchase at Walmart. WHAT WHAT!? (I will cover my recent Walmart trip and how much I earned back, don't want to miss it!) But before jumping to that, let me explain how this works. (2/24/2020 Update: Watch my short clip on how much I got back from purchasing Tide Pods recently just below!)

Before heading into the store, make sure to scroll through Ibotta and click the + (plus sign) next to the item to claim that offer and it will turn into a checkmark. If you do not claim the offer before paying, then you do not receive that offer. So again, before walking into the store, make sure to claim all the offers you need. (I stay away from purchasing items just because I can save a few dollars. Another way to save money.)

Now, if you are in a rush or forget to claim the offers before walking in, that's okay! Don't panic because as you shop you can scan the bar codes to see if there are currently any offers for that item. If not, similar brands will appear which is nice. Once you have all your items needed, head to the front and begin checking out.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

When checking out at the store, make sure to KEEP THE RECEIPT! This is another major step in using Ibotta. After you purchase the items, you must upload the receipt which is either conducted by taking a picture of the receipt or your loyalty card is linked to Ibotta. (Food Lion links your card which is required to set up before checking out.) With Walmart, you scan the bar code which is located at the bottom of your receipt. It automatically finds the offer you claimed and shows you the offers you can claim with this receipt that it picked up. Sometimes you need to manually add the offer in which is an extra two extra clicks. Now once you have all the offers claimed, send the receipt in and DONE! How easy was that?

You could receive your money back within minutes or a business day or two. Now, the funds are collected within the Ibotta app and able to be retrieved once you reach at least $20.00. When redeeming the money, you select different gift cards or cash apps to transfer the money too. Want to guess what I redeem mine for?

... gift cards. Yup, this is my hotel room money for trips. As of right now, I have $104.68 collected from using Ibotta since my last withdrawal a few months ago. (Total have collected $179.68) This money is for our Paris room hotels which I am purchasing any day now! Talk about saving me a few bucks! Ibotta combined with another saving app I use for gas has helped me get 1-2 nights for free!

How amazing is that! Seriously, free nights simply from saving money while grocery shopping.

Now, let me break down my last trip to Walmart to help you understand how each item truly does count. After going through the offers and claiming the offers before walking into Walmart, I started grocery shopping for what we needed. I went through the store and collected my items while scanning the bar codes to see if anything would appear on the Ibotta app for that item. Sometimes I like trying new brands especially if saving a penny or two. After checking out I ensure I keep the receipt as I need to upload it after putting the groceries in my car. Once I climb into the car before driving off, I upload the receipt to see what treasures I unlocked. :) (I am that inpatient person!)

From this trip...

Now, this was a bigger score using Ibotta and want to let you know that this is not always the case. I have trips where I only earn .10 back which to some may not be worth using, BUTTT I have learned that these little offers can lead to something bigger. Meaning every time I scan my receipt or have it linked to a loyalty card, it picks up my spending habits. I use to not have any offers for Tide Podz or Ginger Ale, but now I have them all the time. The app learned what I normally buy and surprises me all the time by offering cashback for those specific items later down the road.

The best tip I can share when wanting to use Ibotta, go every few days and see what offers there are. It helps to get in the habit of using the app and starting to collect your money back!

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

2/24/2020 Update: Just had my biggest save since using Ibotta! $10.25! I cannot believe myself and so thankful I use this for every grocery trip. Wonder what my next high will be with Ibotta? See my savings below!