The Minutes Before Hitting the Purchase Button

Purchasing airline flights can be such an important decision in anyone's life and some thought should go into where you will be traveling too. This is the same for me and anytime I travel. When I scroll through Skyscanner or Travel Pirates looking at deals, my heart completely drops to my stomach when I see the words "Charlotte" AND prices showing for less than $200. A wave of thrill flows from the top of my head to my toes as my heart starts to race and this pressure starts to overtake my mind. I may have just found the best deals possible! (I say this a lot!) I now feel like I am in a running contest with hundreds of people and I am the first runner trying to stay ahead of the person behind me.

The moment I find a good deal on airline flights, I shut the world out for a few minutes and become tunneled vision focused on the deal I just found. To many people's surprise, I don't purchase the tickets at that moment because I want to fully understand where I will be traveling too. I need to know some important information about this destination before hitting that purchase button.

Over the years, I have learned "what I wish I looked into before buying the airline tickets" and how doing some light homework can pay off in the long run. Now, when I say light homework, I am talking about 5 minutes' worth, so don't think I am spending hours on this.

I have written about what happens when you "sit" on tickets for too long, you lose them! This is such an awful feeling when you finally set your heart to that destination. So keep in mind when doing your light homework, the more minutes or even hours you spend pondering the idea of buying them, you could actually lose out of them.

Let's review the top 3 things I do as part of my light homework the moment I found that perfect travel deal.

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1. Crime Rate

The very first thing I do is look up the destination's crime rate as well as the general area I want to stay in crime rates. This is especially true when I find cheap tickets and have no idea where the destination is even located. And this can be done by a quick Google search using the keys words "travel safety".

Often times I land on the travel advisory information given by the United States Department of States: Bureau of Consular Affairs. This is where you find useful information about the country/city you are planning on visiting. If the information I am finding on the safety of the area is too high, then this is a deal-breaker for me.

For example, when purchasing the Aruba tickets, I went straight to Google to start "my homework". I found information around traveling right now because of COV19 (which is now super common to find) and saw...

2. Airbnb's

The second thing I research (more like skim over) are the Airbnb's in that area. The reason for this is that this helps me gauge how expensive the location may be based solely on the Airbnb's. When skimming through the locations, if I don't see any prices within my budget, then this is a good sign that the destination is going to be more expensive than I am looking for. That means I must decide if the location is worth the extra money. Often times, that's a yes because of how cheap I found the tickets. This is not a deal-breaker for me though.

For example, before booking the Paris airline tickets, I did a quick search for Airbnb's near the Eiffel Tower and of course found prices way out of my budget. I have always heard Paris is on the expensive side, so knew going in what I would find. Another reason I am more willing to pay more because I had plenty of months to readjust my budget to allow for a more expensive trip when visiting Paris AND I also knew I had months worths of savings with the different resources I use to save.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links. 

3. Search Again

One of the last things I do before booking the tickets is complete one last final search to see if I found the cheapest deals. (Which I already did once I find the tickets just to see what is out there, so I do this step quite a few times before booking tickets.) If you know you want to be traveling for a week, then change the dates for each day that week and just see if the prices vary. I have written about staying flexible with your travel dates and how this can benefit you dramatically with not spending hundreds to thousands of dollars. Now, when I play around with the dates, I stay within that month because of that being the cheapest month from what I have found. (This is not 100% of the time.)


And lastly, I purchase the tickets! I feel confident with the price I found and the destination I am about to add to my travel list. Now, the countdown beings and even more research is conducted on the things to do, places to eat, local popular spots and the list goes on!

And there you have it! What happens minutes before I purchase the airline tickets and something I recommend to everyone who is new to traveling or going someplace new. Before you spend your money on airline tickets, make sure to look into everything to ensure you have the best time possible no matter how cheap they are! :)

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Hello Everyone, my name is Sara Elizabeth and a full-time working mom and a full-time student!

Over the years I have fallen in love with  traveling and exploring the great states of the United States! This passion grew from understanding how to find good deals on airline flights which have been the reason for many of my travel adventures. This journey has led me to find "that travel deal" for domestic and international flights. These are those kinds of deals that have people asking "How did you find them so low?" ...Well, to those asking that question, follow along this adventure of mine to learn my methods for finding that perfect travel deal. 

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