Travel Arts & Craft To Do

Well, it's official y'all...North Carolina is about to be on a "stay at home" order starting tomorrow, Monday the 30th. Like many other states and countries, you can only leave your house for medical reasons, groceries or to work if employment is considered an essential infrastructure. If you do not comply, local law enforcement is stating they will enforce this order to keep the virus from spreading. So needless to say, the next 30 days are going to be interesting in my household!

As I think about what quarantine life is about to look like or try to imagine, I keep thinking of everyone else in the same situation or potentially worse. This is when I started thinking about what I could do to help people pass this time. I decided I am going to share how I plan on passing the time while incorporating travel arts and crafts into the next 30 days.

Now is the time to find all those arts and crafts materials you have been saving and start to work on small projects that you have been wanting to find the time. The items you create can serve more purpose than just passing time and can be used in your home as travel decor. My entire living room is travel themed with 8x10 and 16X20 travel photos, my grandmother's hard-shelled luggage set from the 1950s to 1960s and little trinkets I have picked up over the years from traveling.

Below you will find the list of travel activities and what supplies will be needed. You can be as creative as you want and include more supplies for any of these. My list of supplies is the bare minimum needed.

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Crafts with Seashells

Most likely you have a jar of seashells lying around the house especially if you have little kiddos, then you are bound to have seashells in the most randomness places. I thought for years I would end up throwing Leylah’s random seashells away because of how broken they were or how much she has collected over the years, but I have finally found some fun activities to conduct with these shells. Broken shells included!!

Seashell Picture Frame: Super easy to do and takes no thought process!


  • Seashells

  • Frame (wood material works best for us AND my daughter can paint the frame too)

  • Hot Glue

I would recommend laying the shells out on the frame before hot gluing.

Seashell Paintings: This is good for smaller children!


  • Seashells

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

Seashell Shadow Box: This was an item I had laying around simply because it cost $2 for the shadow box, so I had to get it! You can be as creative as you want with the shadow boxes and place the seashells in multiple areas either inside or outside the box.


  • Seashells

  • Shadow box

  • Hot glue

  • Picture (Photo left is me and my travel BFF!)

Seashell Painting: Grab those broken seashells and create a masterpiece! This photo is my own painting and made a mom and daughter painting for my office.


  • Seashells

  • Canvas

  • Paint

  • Hot glue

  • Have extra googly eyes lying around, add some character to your painting!

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Travel Wall

Travel walls are so special to me because this is a story of your life and memories being captured with small tokens from a travel destination. The type of travel wall in my home shows what our life has looked like over the last 8 years. You go from Paris to Disney World, Florida as you scan the room from left to right and end at Disneyland, California.


· World Map

· Tickets of any sort

· Photos from destination

· Bumper Stickers

· Postcards

· Restaurant Menus

This idea would work if you wanted to use a world map as your background and work around the map with different tokens like restaurant menus, bumper stickers, boarding passes, etc. To add to the map, add pins to mark the places you have been. Over time, you see all the memories you have made and stare in pure amazement at the life you have lived.

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Travel Scrapbook

Have a stack of travel photos laying around and been contemplating what to do with them? Well now, you have time to compile these photos and create your own travel scrapbook! Scrapbooks are so rewarding in the end because they show YOUR chapter book on life.

(Left photo: Leylah meeting her favorite characters at Disney World, Florida!)

(Right photo: Traveling to California with my BFF and ordering 32 pieces of sushi!)

Supplies (which this list could go on and on):

  • Scrapbook/card stock paper

  • Glue stick

  • Photos

  • Restaurant menus

  • Postcards

  • Bumper stickers

  • Matchbooks

  • Pamphlet(s)

This is one of those projects that can be as simple as you want or become really extravagant with fun stickers and items to make your page pop. Be as creative as you want with your travel scrapbook and think about adding a small section to write out memory from that destination.

My travel scrapbook shows every time I have been on a trip dating back to my first true travel experience. I use this scrapbook as decor in my living room and give my guest something to look at while visiting. Good conversation starter!

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Smashed Pennies (Pressed Penny)

One of my favorite items to "purchase" when visiting amusement parks are the smashed pennies that usually cost .51 cents and have a huge turning handle on the front or side to crank the wheel to press the penny. Super fun with little kids! (This is an idea I picked up from Pinterest a while ago that will take me years to complete as I picked a very specific them to go with.)

These smashed pennies can be used for creating a painting in which the pennies become part of the artwork. I am using the smashed pennies I have collected from all the Disney parks to make a balloon painting from the movie Up. This one of my favorite art pieces so far!


  • Smashed pennies

  • Paint

  • Paintbrushes

Just imagine the small yellow and pinkish house on the bottom right of the painting with strings being attached from the chimney to the balloons.

And that y'all is some of my travel arts and crafts ideas and hacks which could help you while being quarantined wondering what to do with all this free time. If looking for more ideas head over to Pinterest to browse thousands of ideas! (Head over to my Pinterest page That Travel Deal to find many more activities of mine!)