Top 4 Travel Myths

We have all heard travel “advice” at one point in our lives and the more I travel the more I hear of these myths. I had a co-worker this week tell me he found the best tickets to Las Vegas for $160 and that it was cheaper because there was a layover. Some of the myths are the ones that make you scratch your head from pure confusion.

Please know I am still learning and by no means do I feel my way is the only way. I am wanting to write on the myths I have heard and how my travel experiences throughout the years either go with or against these myths. I pride myself in knowing that I am a sponge and so eager to learn new ways of traveling that I embrace each myth I hear and wait to decide on my own if the myth is true or false for me.

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1. Layover Flights are the Cheapest

MYTH! So not true for me and I have only experienced ONE layover since this travel journey of mine started over 5 years ago. (I had a layover in Philadelphia when visiting Paris and returning in January this year.) I am not a fan of layovers, so always looking at direct flights only. Now, this may mean I look at one-way tickets to give me a cheaper option, but still direct flights.

For anyone who doesn’t know, round trip flights are not always the cheapest and you may need to break up the flights and look at one-ways. This is not always the case, but I have seen the perks of breaking the flight up. When I look at airline deals for myself, my clients or just to see what is out there, I look at round trip tickets first then break it down by looking at one way. Same destinations and dates. Give this one a try next time you are looking for a place to go!

Just this past week, I finally found my tickets needed for Las Vegas and only spent $87!!! (My goal was to find the $98 tickets I found a few months ago.) I found the flight going from Charlotte to Las Vegas for only $60 and of course, direct flight this past Wednesday. And very next day, I found the tickets from Las Vegas to Charlotte for only $27!!! (And direct flight as well.) Such a win and proud I bet my goal! Now, I fly out with American Airlines and fly back with Frontier Airlines, but I like saving every dime when I travel.

I couldn't wait to brag to my co-worker how I bet his "best deal" and we are traveling within 2 weeks of each other.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

2. Book on a Tuesday for Best Prices

MYTH! This is one of my favorites to hear because the moment I tell people what day I usually buy my tickets, I hear “really…surprising”. Ready for it…SATURDAY! Saturday has been the luckiest day for me when booking my cheap airline tickets. I am sure I will book on other days for my future journey travels, but so far, Saturday is my day!

I have purchased tickets to Paris, Puerto Rico and many more on a Saturday and typically find the deals mid-day. If you didn't know, airline tickets fluctuate on an hourly basis as well as daily. One minute you may find tickets for $129 and then refresh the page and it jumped to $356. That is why it is so important to jump on a deal when you see it. JUST DO IT! :)

3. Book 90 Days in Advance for the Best Deals

MYTH! Yup, another myth. I found my tickets to Las Vegas with less than 28 days left until we leave. I imagine some airline companies want to “sell-out” and drop prices just to get bodies in the seats. Now, I don’t recommend waiting until the last minute to buy the tickets because your anxiety will be through the roof.

I often tell people I watch airline tickets like people watch the stock market. The stock market can change at any second costing people hundreds of dollars. Just like traveling!

4. Package Deals are Cheaper

MYTH! Most of the time, I can beat a package deal being presented by different travel sites like Expedia. Often times the flights found in these packages are the most expensive part of the package. Flying doesn’t have to be what gets in your way of wanting to see the world or going to that one dream destination of yours.

Airbnb has also changed the way people travel and can present a cheaper way of traveling than a traditional hotel room or resort. More people want to experience the environment and community when traveling and like staying with the locals to get the full experience.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

And there you have it! The common travel myths I have heard along my journey and my own beliefs behind them. However, you should form your own opinion behind these by changing the way you look for a vacation!

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