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Travel Pirate App

Arggg! Who doesn't say this when talking about pirates?!

This app has nothing to do with pirates EXCEPT finding travel steals that leave everyone in complete shock! No kidding, I love this app and could go on and on about why I love it so much. BUTTT don't worry, I plan on doing that in this blog!

Travel Pirate is one of my top favorite apps I use when wanting to check out daily deals going on. These deals consist of all kinds of travels from cruise lines, airline/hotel bundle deals, and cheap airline prices that are often bought quickly, so better move fast on them. This is the app I used when I found the Paris tickets ($259 round trip flights from Atlanta).

So let me begin explaining the reasons why I love Travel Pirates:

1. How it Works in General

The first thing I want to cover with using the Travel Pirate app is how it works, so you get a better understanding of what this app provides to see if this fits you. Travel Pirates is like no other travel resource I have found and constantly find myself talking about this app to others. I visit this one every single day and all throughout the day because of how often it can be updated.

How this app works is it pulls in travel deals from thousands of different companies and houses the deals on the main page, so you can easily scroll throughout the deals. If you want to learn more about a price you see, simply click on the offer and read all about the travel deal being offered. Like I mentioned earlier, you will find deals on cruises, packages including flights and hotels as well as local hotels in certain areas.

One day you may see a deal to fly from Canada from certain locations like Atlanta or Miami and then the next day see flight information for Miami flying out of Los Angeles. This app has shown me there is a way to travel the world and not stress over spending thousands of dollars. New destinations have been added to my bucket list because of the app alone.

2. Won't "Lose" the Deal

Do you know how many times I have lost a travel deal and know I won't see it again for months or ever?!? This is very frustrating for me especially when I have a destination I have to go too and passed on a good deal. For example, I go to Las Vegas in April for a travel convention and when I started looking at flights, I felt the price would never drop below $200, BUTTT then one day...it happened. The price dropped below $100 for round trip direct flights!!! And what did I do, let them pass on by. I can feel my blood starting to boil thinking about this again because I have never seen that low of a price for those tickets since then.

With Travel Pirates, the deals stay and don't disappear like other travel companies. If I want to browse the previous day's deals, I just start scrolling to find everything that has been offered. This can come in handy if needing to go home and speak with your spouse or travel friends on the deal. That is what we did when we found the Paris tickets on here. About 6 hours passed from the time I saw the deal until the time we purchased the flights.

One thing to call out though, the dates can go very fast! When looking at the Paris tickets, it was the departing flight from Charlotte that caught my eye. But within an hour, all those tickets were gone.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

3. Dates can be Flexible

When I feel I found a good travel deal, I start clicking around and changing the dates to see how long I can go. Just because the app has a certain amount listed on the page doesn