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Traveling during COV19

Traveling and world pandemic doesn't seem to go in the same sentence together, however, 2020 has given us a new sense of norm. (Or trying too.) Traveling during these times means things are just different like your Airbnb host giving you a welcome gift consisting of mask or rethinking which public restrooms to use when road tripping. Not too long ago I wouldn't think twice about where we would use the restrooms or trying to decide if we should bring food down with us, but this is a new reality. Or at least for me in this present moment.

Manasota Keys, FL

Traveling will be impacted forever now because of COV19 and many people and even companies are rethinking safety precautions which will influence the future of travel. I mean 7 months ago I was walking down the streets of Paris trying to find a local market to buy water bottles from. Had no cares in the world at that time of what I touched or how many stores I went into.

As a family, we decided to go on a road trip with Leylah for our first time traveling since COV19. Somewhere that already felt like a second home to us. I even find myself rethinking flying with Leylah today and still question when the "right time" is for her to fly.

Now, if you know me, then you know my love for Florida runs deep and a place I once wanted to call home, so felt natural to decide to head there for 4 nights/5 day stay. (Want to read how our trip went, use this link to read all about our time in Venice, Florida.) Going into this trip, we all knew it was going to be a different kind of trip as the goal was to minimize the number of items we were touching in public as well as how many stores we go into.

Caspersen Beach, FL

I am writing this blog to share how traveling, in general, was different for us and hope it helps others prepare for when going on a road trip with a little one. Traveling is part of our family and one we plan on continuing for years to come. Before heading to our next destination, wherever that may be, I will research other ways to stay safe as possible right now with everything going on. Never hurts to be safe, right? Rather stay safe than sorry ;)

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Below you will find 7 things that made traveling different for us:

Let's start from the beginning, the drive down to Florida...

1. First off, keeping a box of masks in the center console of the car was something new for us. Whether you are pro or con masks, this was something we knew we may need for certain stores that would require them. I mean we did need to eat and stuff while there.

2. Using public bathrooms while driving the "10 hours" the GPS said. I didn't think twice about the thought of public bathrooms while driving down or even worse...rest area stops. We stopped at the rest area right when you get into Georgia from I-95 and that is when I had the thought of how many people are still stopping the use of these. I just imagined thousands of people stopping here a day for a quick bathroom break and I was instantly worried about Leylah going there. I and she even started walking towards the bathroom and I couldn't let her go in. It was somewhat busy with people just stopping briefly and when pulling off, someone pulled into their parking space. Needless to say, we stopped at gas stations to use the bathroom as I knew this could be risky as well, but way less foot traffic than the rest areas.

Yup, Georgia's rest stop off I-95

3. Telling Leylah every time we stopped in public to not touch anything and especially her face until we got hand sanitizer on in the car. (Yes, I made her put hand sanitizer on after washing her hands in the bathrooms.) I was big on hand sanitizer before COV19 started, but now I think into when we all need it or may need it. (I literally carried the bottle in my hands when entering stores or restaurants while in FL.) Matt and I both carried our own bottles around just in case Leylah was with one of us and we separated.

4. Wiping everything down the moment we got into the Airbnb. This was something I had planned on doing right when I entered the house, however, our friends traveling with us got there 30 minutes before us. Something I love about traveling with them is that we think alike and all agreed that wiping everything down needed to happen before getting settled in. And I mean wiped everything from the kitchen to the washing machine.

5. Using our own towels and sheets. Another step we took to be safe was not using all the Airbnb’s items like towels, sheets, kitchen utensils, and plates, etc. We packed way more than what we wanted too, but I wanted to minimize how often we used the host items. The house was squeaky clean, but I felt better using our own towels, sheets, and laundry detergent.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

6. Going to the first beach, Venice Beach, we learned that the beaches were still crowded and we needed to walk to the left or right to find an empty spot. I highly recommend standing for a minute at the beach entrance and seeing if the left side has more openings than the right side or vice versa. Most people don’t like to walk down for some odd reason and pick the easiest and closest spot possible. We did this for each beach we visited and ended up walking a few minutes each beach to find a good spot.

Our spot, Venice Beach
To our left at Venice Beach
Nokomis Beach
Our spot, Manasota Keys

7. Okay, this is a weird one...not touching the shower curtain when needing to shower. This all started after being on the beach all day the first day and needing to shower to get the mounds of sand off of me. The shower in the master bedroom was square-shaped with a cloth shower curtain on the outside with the plastic sheet piece separating me and the cloth. The very moment I got into the shower and closed the curtain, the plastic piece touched my arm and I freaked out. It wasn't dirty at all, but the thought of it touching someone else's arm or someone sneezing everywhere just made me go into a panic. From there on out, I showered by leaving the curtain open and laying towels all around the floor. Again, this is probably just a "me" thing or as Matt would say "a Lizabeth moment". (And for anyone wondering about me standing barefoot on the shower ground, think again, I had shower shoes with me.)

...Maybe I have some OCD issues

And there you have it folks, how traveling for us has changed so far when going on a road trip. I imagine the first time flying, I will discover new ways on how traveling will be different for me and my family. And most likely blog about them when that time comes.

~Sometimes people do crazy, far stretched things to protect the ones they love...

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