Use Them All!

Ever hear the travel myth that when shopping around for travel deals that you can find different prices for the same exact travel plan by simply using every device you own like desktop, phone, etc.? Well, this is something I witnessed firsthand when browsing around the Black Friday deals a few weekends ago. BUTTT before I just jump into what I witnessed, let me set the stage…

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For the last 2 years now, I have been able to find killer travel deals during Black Friday weekend and typically found the deals on that Saturday. (So no, the “best” deals do not always happen on Tuesday or Wednesday which is another common travel myth.) For the last few years, I and my travel buddy (aka one of my best friends who I adore to death!) have visited new places like California, Florida and recently Puerto Rico for less than $112 round trip direct flights.

Sunrise over Los Angeles

Fortaleza street in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Going into this Black Friday, I was beyond excited to find travel deals for 2020 and hoping to score airline tickets for Costa Rica, Austin, Texas and anywhere else tropical! Right at midnight on Friday night, I started looking for the best travel deals because I knew once the deal was over or sold out, that was it. However, all of Friday was a letdown as I found no good travel deals. Now, some may disagree about what they found, but I am consistently looking at travel prices and monitor flight prices so much, I can spot a good travel deal typically from understanding the base price.

Moving onto Saturday, I knew this would be the day I would find the best deals ever and ready with my debit card sitting on the edge of my laptop. Remember, my travel friend I mentioned earlier, well she agreed to come over after she gets off work to seek out our next travel journey and find a hotel room for Paris. I knew if I found a good travel deal that it wasn't likely it would disappear or sell out, so wasn't in a rush on Saturday looking through the deals.

So fast forward to Saturday night when she came over… Me, my boyfriend and my friend are sitting on the couch talking about where 2020 could take us. (Refer back to my Black Friday travel blog to understand why preparing is important for finding Black Friday weekend travel deals.) We talked about how this year’s deals were not the greatest and disappointed in what we were finding. We decided to move onto finding a hotel room for when we visit Paris in less than 2 months.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

I am sitting on one side of my couch with my phone and laptop out looking for hotel rooms through my typical apps and search preferences like And my friend is on the other side of the couch using her phone to find hotel rooms by conducting a good ole' Google search. My boyfriend didn’t want to jump into the fun quite yet, so, at this moment, three devices are being used at this time to find hotel rooms in Paris…

During our search, we started to realize quickly that all three devices were not showing the same prices and I mean they were way off! Total bills being off by $50 AND HIGHER! For people who travel on a budget, we wanted the lowest deal we could find. This is one of those myths I have seen from using my phone and laptop at the same time and thought it was weird because it would be off by a few dollars, BUTTT now someone else in my house on the same site was seeing way cheaper travel deals. We were in complete shock at one point and this is when my boyfriend wanted to join in on the fun.

By now we had identified 2 hotels we liked, and he started searching from his cell phone for one of the hotels we liked just to see what price he would find. (So, now we have four devices in the mix... three cell phones and a laptop) And his phone showed a cheaper deal than what my phone and laptop found, but still a higher price from what my friend found. We just started laughing from how insane this was because the whole night, my friend had the cheapest prices out of 2 other cell phones and a laptop.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

Of course, we purchased the cheapest room we could find which is only 22 minutes away from the Eiffel Tour and that's walking distance.

I am a firm believer now that using all different sources for finding THAT TRAVEL DEAL should be used when wanting to take that adventure in life! Hope this helps you and your friends when wanting to take that adventure!