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Why am I still buying airline tickets?

For this week’s blog, I wanted to write about why I am still buying airline tickets, as this is the main question I am being asked now by friends and co-workers. “Sara, how could you buy them with everything going on?” or “Are you crazy, there is a world pandemic going on?” These are just 2 ways I am being asked these kinds of questions and like other blogs, I like to write about “hot topics” I am being asked. (Hence how this whole blog started!)

Since COV19 started sometime in March, I have purchased airline tickets for Aruba in October and Cuba in April of 2021. Both of these flights fly out of Miami, Florida which is only an hour flight from Charlotte, NC to Miami and will cost me less than $60 or so to purchase those flights. The tickets for Aruba were $177 round trip, direct flights and Cuba was $123 round trip. And I am actively looking for flights for December which I cannot mention the location as this trip is a surprise trip for one of my friends.

But before I get into the why piece on why I am still purchasing airline tickets, let me back up a little and start from February…ish. Before COV19 took full effect in the United States, I had a trip planned to Las Vegas with my babe, sister, and dad. I was going for a travel blog convention and for sure thought that COV19 would not interfere with my travel plans. Well clearly, I was wrong, but I was still buying airline tickets as COV19 started to break out. I was able to return one of my Las Vegas (I purchased one way to and from) because I found a much cheaper deal, which brought my total for the Las Vegas flights around to $57.

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Then all chaos broke loose and COV19 talks of shutting down the United States started to play repeatedly on the news. During those days, I was still watching airline flights and ready to book whatever deal I could not resist buying. BUTTT then, it was announced that Americans basically needed to return home ASAP and places like Europe were closing their borders. No travelers could enter the countries and some were left stranded in some locations across the world because of not being able to leave. This is when I started to take it more serious especially once my Las Vegas hotel room was canceled by the hotel. However, as serious as this pandemic is, I was and still am watching airline flights every day.

One reason I continued to look and still do to this day is that I do not know how long COV19 would affect everyday lives and travel in general, so I was open to looking as I normally do. Airline companies and travel sites are still opening travel dates as the days pass on, so why not purchase the cheap deals I find right now. My trip to Cuba is in April of 2021, so who knows what everything will look like by then and it may be okay to travel with taking extra safety precautions when traveling. Plus borders are starting to open up in other countries which is a good sign for travelers.

Now to anyone thinking that I am being naive to everything going on with COV19, let me ensure you that I still have the thoughts of what if my future travel is canceled or the flights are “ghost flights” and never plan on taking off. In that case, I would simply ask for vouchers from that company to use for future travel dates. I have been a huge fan of travel vouchers from the beginning because I will fly again! I view it as to why not get the vouchers because now I will not have to spend any more money down the road on purchasing airline tickets. In my head, it is another way of saving money for flights that I may need when I see that deal I cannot pass upon. Right now, I have over $200 in vouchers with one airline company that keeps extending the end travel date on these vouchers which is now up to September 2021.

This link provided is an affiliate link and I may gain commission from you purchasing from these affiliate links.

I plan on using these vouchers to get me to and from Miami, Florida since my future flights are departing from there. So again, it's one way for me to save money for other travel expenses which I could use to upgrade to a nicer Airbnb or get a bigger rental car. Part of the travel experience for me is learning everything I can about the destination I am going too and seeing what all the destination has to offer. That's another reason I keep buying airline tickets.

And there it is, the reasons why I am still looking and purchasing airline tickets. When we get back to flying and when more travel restrictions lift, I will be beyond ready to start traveling around the world! In the meantime, have my fingers and toes crossed that my Aruba and Cuba trip doesn't get canceled!

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