Yes, just one more!

Reading that one word, how did it make you feel?

Emails are one of those things people either love or hate and either read emails or not. Now, I am someone who reads my emails and unsubscribes to emails when I no longer wish to receive anything from that company. I know people who have over 20k emails untouched, unbothered and don’t find it overly annoying not getting that 20k number gone. It’s red-eye of death circle with a number forever changing. If you are someone who has 20k or more emails untouched, then this may not be the blog for you. BUTTT if you are willing to open and skip through an email, then take a few moments to read this blog…it’s designed for you!

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One way I save money when finding that travel deal is by receiving emails from an airline company offering a special deal if you use a certain codeword or a special deal going on. Like last night, I found tickets to Las Vegas from Charlotte for only $99 which were roundtrip tickets simply by reading an email from Frontier Airlines. They were offering 75% off flights for next year and all you needed to do was use a special code word. Now, most people spend $300 to $600 for those tickets, no thanks!

Certain airline companies offer this code word out ONLY by email and can offer some big rewards. I even have to send the code word to my friend when she is wanting to browse the travel deals. The word is not offered on the website at any point which is nice because I know there is only a targeted market for those emails and again, people don’t read emails.

Allegiant is another airline company I receive emails from and know that I can find a good travel deal when traveling on a budget. I like using them for when I need to travel to a specific part of Florida and want to leave out of a local airport near me. I know a lot of people of use this airline company and hope they are receiving those emails to save even more!

Now I advise to not go crazy signing up for all these airline emails especially if you are someone working on actually reading the emails. Sign up for the ones you know fly to the areas you are interested in and remember to check where the airline departs from. It doesn’t make sense to sign up for emails when the airline doesn’t depart near an airport near you.

I hope this little piece of insight helps you when wanting to find THAT TRAVEL DEAL and that another email can help save you money.